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-Brazil: Sad Case of Nine Year Old Rape Victim, Abortion and Church Excommunication

by Dr. D ~ March 9th, 2009

image This case is all over the Internet. Pro-choice bloggers, womans-rights supporters, and just plain old folks are up in arms over the nine year old victim of rape who received an abortion. Then the Catholic church excommunicated her mother and the doctors who performed it to save her health and life. Meanwhile, her rapist stepfather is still welcome in the church and has full access to the church sacraments?

Response: Do any of you fellow pro-life Christians out there have any difficulty with the actions of the church in this case? I certainly do! I am not condoning the abortion which ended two lives, but the church was anything but helpful.

This case is a tragedy on so many different levels and the actions and statements of the church have made it even worse. Meanwhile, many are using this case to give the church and the whole pro-life movement a bad name.         *Top

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8 Responses to -Brazil: Sad Case of Nine Year Old Rape Victim, Abortion and Church Excommunication

  1. Anonymous

  2. Theoacme

    I have seen a lot of people on various blogs and message boards saying that it was God’s will that the nine year old girl was raped and forced to become pregnant. – that she deserved to be raped and killed by having to carry the rapist’s children to term.

    Until organizations like National Right To Life change their policies to explicitly state that abortion is acceptable in cases of child rape, and condemn anyone who opposes this – in addition to condemning any religious organization that supports this position – they will be, in effect, cheerfully supporting the legalized concubinage and rape of children, like they do for all other women.

    I am pro-life – but anyone who denies a woman’s right to choose is explicitly saying that women are less than men, deserve to be raped at any man’s will, and do not receive the same salvation as men do in Jesus Christ. And that is just as unacceptable to me as abortion.

    If anyone were to tell all men who aren’t married that they cannot even masturbate or look at Playboy or Lifetime movies unless they are married, under penalty of death, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, the Pope, and Rush Limbaugh would shoot said persons with a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun until there was nothing left of their bodies than a bloody pile of goo.

    But women are supposed to, under the orders of the “pro-life” movements (which are really “pro-rape”, “pro-incest”, and “pro-child molestation”, since they endorsed the illegal Iraq “War” (which wasn’t a war) and the death penalty as practiced in the United States), and the “Christian Coalition” (which is neither Christian nor a coalition) lay back, and let men rape them whenever they want.

    Anyone who opposes a woman’s right to choose, and face any consequences incurred both on earth and in heaven, is, at best, an immature Christian (say, the equivalent of a six-month old baby), and should not be allowed to lead any discussion of Christianity.

    If I were asked by a woman if she should have an abortion, I would tell her that I would not recommend it – but I would support her no matter what decision she made.

    If I said anything else, I would not be following Christ’s words to do unto others as I would have others do unto me.

    I also would be denying her own personhood and soulhood by saying that she was not capable of making her own decisions, based upon her conscience (which is the whole point of the New Testament, as opposed to the mandatory, goose-step following of hidebound law that no human being ever completely obeyed.

    By doing this, I might be committing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit – and I would rather be blown up on earth by those who oppose a woman’s right to choose, than burn in the Lake of Fire for committing the only unforgivable sin (as stated in the Bible).

  3. Valerie

    It actually goes without saying that the stepfather, by the series of mortal sins he committed, has excommunicated himself. To say he is still in good standing with the Church is dishonest.

  4. Dr. D

    I didn’t say it– Archbishop Cardoso did–he said that the accused stepfather would not be expelled from the Church.

  5. Aldwin Sendaydiego

    God is really good and im so happy that God can move powerfully because there are christians that are boldly preaching His word and you are one of them. So Keep on doing it.

  6. Valerie

    Even an archbishop is in no position to make an exception to teachings on mortal sin. He didn’t need to expel that criminal from the Church, because the rapist did that job himself by his own sins.

    The way to be restored to full Communion with the Church after committing any mortal sin is actually the same for someone who’s been more formally excommunicated. So the rapist is not by any stretch of the imagination off the hook except in the minds of people who don’t know Catholic teaching.

  7. Valerie

    And what does anyone make of how nobody mentioned whether or not the child agreed to the abortion? Don’t the wishes of rape survivors warrant any acknowledgment?

    For all we know, this abortion was forced.

  8. Dr. D

    Thanks Valerie, I appreciate your comments and info.

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