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-Dubai: A Christian Presence and Revival?

by Dr. D ~ February 11th, 2009

Dubai 2004
(-Dubai by Qba from Poland via Flickr)

In most Middle Eastern Muslim dominated countries, Christians are persecuted and seldom allowed to build new churches or even remodel the ancient ones they do have. However, in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, the government has given land and favor to Christians to build churches (Over 30).

Consequently, Dubai is home to the largest Evangelical church in all the Middle East- King’s Revival Church International which has some 7,000 members, 24 pastors, and conducts 14 services for a week, 3 in English and the rest in a variety of different languages. Most of the members are expatriates that came to the country for work and a better life.

Pastor Dr. V. Dilkumar says that their outreaches are mostly to foreigners since it is still illegal even in Dubai to proselytize Muslims and those who do convert away from Islam face harsh penalties.

The church also sponsors extensive charity work and supports more than a 170 pastors serving throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Response: A church of this size and influence is remarkable in the Middle East. The Dubai government is to be commended for their tolerance of minority religions and for officially allowing Christians to have an obvious presence in the country.            *Top

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