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-Arson Confirmed @ Palin’s Home Church

by Dr. D ~ December 16th, 2008

image The hometown church of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was set on fire last Friday night, causing an estimated $1 million in damage. There were a handful of women and children inside the church at the time and fortunately everyone was able to escape without injuries.

Federal investigators confirmed that the fire at the Wasilla Bible Church had been caused by arson. They found that an ignitable accelerant had been poured on and around the exterior of the church in a number of different spots, including all of the entrances and exits.

Gov. Palin expressed sorrow to the church leaders if her high visibility in any way may have caused the incident:

“If there’s anything that I’ve done to draw negative attention to that good church, I certainly apologize for it.”

During the recent Presidential campaign, the church had come under considerable scrutiny from the Main stream media. Including the church’s support of traditional marriage and apparent support for a program to help gays "overcome" their homosexuality.

Response: There is no idea who could have cause the blaze, however it was arson for sure and worst of all it was attempted murder with folks inside and the obvious attempt to burn all of the exits. hopefully the authorities will catch the arsonists.

There has been very little sympathy expressed by the MSM about the fire–can you image the uproar if it had been Barack Obama’s church?            *Top 

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