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-Church of England: A Merry Multi-Faith Christmas?

by Dr. D ~ December 14th, 2008

(-Westminster Abbey -Getty Images via Daylife)

Hindu snowmen dressed in turbans with bindi dots on their foreheads, Chinese dragon and lantern processions, and a Jewish temple added on to the traditional nativity scenes? The Church of England is backing plans to turn Christmas into a more multi-faith event–intended to demonstrate that Christmas should not be exclusively for Christians.

The Rev Jane Hedges, a canon at the Westminster Abbey, hopes that this will help to improve relations and dialogue between other faiths, that it was important to encourage people from other faiths to join in the Christmas celebrations:

“We’ve done this as it creates a good opportunity for Christians to meet and hear about the stories of people of other faiths. Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think and is a great opportunity for the different faiths to talk to one another. Wherever you’re coming from there should be something to celebrate at Christmas.”

Not all are happy with the new ‘inclusive’ Anglican Christmas message. Alison Ruoff, a General Synod member, responded:

“Christmas is a time for everyone, but the Church needs to be confident in its message, which is that Christ came to save people of all faiths and none. Why are they putting such a ridiculous spin on Christmas?”

Response: These actions by the Church of England are tantamount to being apologetic for the faith once delivered to the saints. If the leaders of the church no longer believe that Christianity is superior to other faiths, if they no longer believe in the Christmas message–that God sent his son Jesus into the world to save it, then they should quit rather than surrender and compromise the faith.

Christmas celebrates a unique event in history that those of other faiths are invited to join in–not by compromising the message but by accepting and proclaiming it—good will, peace on earth, and salvation to all those who believe on the name of Jesus.

This is the real Christmas message and the best gift of all time (John 3:16):

“For God so loved the world, that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

This message and gift is for everyone and every culture—all who believe in him shall be saved.            *Top  

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