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-India: Terrorists Targeting Americans and Brits Kill 195+ and Wound 300

by Dr. D ~ November 26th, 2008

Mumbai terrorist

Mumbai Terrorist by scriptingnews via Flickr

**11/28 UPDATE:

195+ Dead and 300+ Wounded

MUMBAI, India: Gunmen stormed two luxury hotels, a popular restaurant, hospitals, and a train station in coordinated attacks against Westerners in the Indian financial capital on Wednesday night (Nov.26) killing at least 82, wounding 200+, and taking a number of hostages. Witnesses said that the attackers specifically targeted British and American visitors to Mumbai.

A group of Muslim militants calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Response: Here we go again–another major problem with terrorists in India–this time an Islamic group targeting Westerners especially Americans and British. Also, another terrorist event with an apparent religious motivation.

The Indian government recently showed considerable weakness in the lack of response to coordinated attacks of Hindu radicals against Christians in the state of Orissa. Now a major Islamic terrorist event in Mumbai.

Weak responses to terrorism actually encourage radicals to rise up and bring on more of the same. It will be very important for the Indian authorities to deal with this event quickly, decisively, and with overwhelming resolve.            *Top

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