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-Christian Street Ministry Attacked in SF Castro District

by Dr. D ~ November 19th, 2008

(Video length- 4:45) I found this video on Michelle Malkin’s blog. It shows the San Francisco police department  protecting and escorting a group of Christians out of the Castro District in San Francisco, CA. It’s only 4 minutes and 45 seconds long but it seems to last forever–actually viewing it for a minute is probably more than enough to get the idea.

The event happened last Friday night in the Castro District, a predominantly gay community in the city of San Francisco, California. The group of Christian young people had been conducting a street ministry every Friday night for quite some time in the Castro district–talking to people about Jesus and how the Lord loves them and can change lives. Also, they would usually sing worship songs and pray over the community.

Last Friday night was different, as they proceeded with their street ministry, a mob formed and began to assault the group in a number of different ways–pushing, hitting, pouring drinks over them, then it escalated towards perversion as the group formed a circle and prayed.

The Police finally showed up and the video records them protecting and escorting the Christians out of the Castro neighborhood with continual shouts and warnings from the mob not to come back–“Christians are not welcome here”.

For a more complete report–go to Michelle’s article.

Response: The response to the passage of Proposition 8–(the Traditional Marriage amendment), has turned a new page with gay activists declaring war on Christians. Those who have demanded tolerance have now themselves become intolerant.

With a sympathetic press and media in tow, the intolerant gay activists are learning quickly that there are no ‘politically correct’ consequences to their radical activism. All of the recent actions against churches, Christian groups, or individual Christians and their property have one thing in common–no arrests!

Evangelicals, and other allied religious groups like conservative Catholics and Mormons, are the only minorities in America not protected by ‘hate crime’ penalties and legislation. Again–has a page has been turned and is it now ‘open-season’ on Christians in America?     *Top

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10 Responses to -Christian Street Ministry Attacked in SF Castro District

  1. P Smith

    Considering that the usual christian response to gays is a community is bombing (e.g. Eric Rudolph) and jackbooted beatings (e.g. Jordan Gruver being assaulted by the Ku Klux Krisitians), this incident is nothing.

    And, as usual, christians pretend this incident is the norm when it is the exception while ignoring that their own violence is the norm and not the exception. The two incidents I highlight are two among many; the video above is a singularity.

    And also, as usual, christians lie about the incident. There is no violence, no drink pouring, no assault, only unverified claims that it happened. How unsurprising.

  2. Dr. D

    P Smith- thanks for visiting, however your comments miss the mark. Eric Rudolph does not even believe in God–no Christian group supports or condones his action. The KKK are a radical cult & not considered Christian by any recognized church that I am aware of.

    No one is pretending that ‘this incident is the norm’-it is news because it is radical and new.
    The same Christian group has been going to Castro district every Friday for months without needing police protection.

  3. P Smith

    Claiming the KKK aren’t christians is like claiming Joe Stalin wasn’t an atheist or that the Nazis didn’t kill 6 million jews. The word for such people is revisionists.

    A christian is someone who claims to believe in jesus and follow him, ergo the KKK and Eric Rudolph are christians, whether you like it or not.

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  5. Dr. D

    P. Smith: Exactly who is the ‘revisionist’ here?

    In your first comment you claim that the KKK and Eric Rudolph are representative of “the usual christian response”.

    Exactly what group of Christians is Rudolph or the KKK representative of? There is no Christian denomination or church group which approves of or condones their actions. Exactly the opposite is the case.

    There are more than 25 million Black Christians in America–are they responsible for KKK?

    There are over 69 million Catholic Christians in America–does the KKK represent this group of Christians? –Even though the KKK persecute and mistreat Catholics?

    There are more than 9.2 million Latino Protestant Christians in the US, does the KKK represent this group also, even though they oppose them?

    There are several million Asian Christians in America–is the Asian Christian community also responsible for the KKK? —

    If so than this is exactly like blaming the Jews for the Nazis!

    What about the hundreds of Christian churches with 100’s of thousands of members in Calif. that actually sent money in to defeat Prop.8–does the KKK represent them also?

    Exactly what major Christian group is representative of the KKK beliefs and actions? Name just one!

    Maybe the Southern Baptists and Methodists since most KKK belong to one of those churches?–oh but wait– When the So. Baptist and Methodist denominations find out that a member is KKK they expel them from the church and take their names off the rolls.

    Again, there is no Christian denomination that condones or supports the KKK or Rudolph.

    To say that they are representative of hundreds of millions of Christians is ridiculous. I have just named 105 million Christians that the KKK actually opposes.

    Like I said originally–your comment ‘misses the mark’, is offensive and vastly misrepresents hundreds of Millions of Christians in America.

  6. Mr. C. YaLata

    Ha. I was there. The chick who got thumped had the guy “attacking” her pulled off by THE GAYS. Not the police. Everyone conveniently forgets that. When all this shit was going down, the police, in full riot gear just happened to be within spitting distance? Not likely. The people of the Castro were actually comparatively peaceful to what they could have been if they really wanted these assholes hurt.

    They also forget to mention that this “peaceful little Jesus-nik” group set up their little fiasco so it blocked a community memorial for a man who had just died when a service was taking place.

    The douche claiming that people were “trying to shove things in my butt” was just plain old lying, according to the police, who were standing beside him. Which part of the Bible says “Thou shalt not lie, unless it makes for a great conservative sound byte?”

    There’s nothing radical about it. People are just fed up with being kicked around by these people, who have not one iota of sensitivity or compassion in their barren little hearts. They should be thankful that all that idiot got was one little thump on her head. After all the shit people have committed on gays in the name of God, it’s minor. Be martyrs if you want (everyone’s always against you poor Christians, right?), but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s hollow and lame.

    (Also, there’s hardly hundreds of millions of people in the US, so claims that there are hundreds of millions of Christians in the US is a vastly misrepresentation of the country. Much to your chagrin, I’m sure, not every person in the US is Christian. Get your filthy hands off my life and go worry about your own.)

  7. Dr. D

    Mr. C Yalata:
    Thanks for visiting and for your perspective of the events. There are always at least two sides to any event–probably even more than that with a chaotic and confusing event like this.

    Here is a link to the statement from the Christian group:


    I believe after reading several accounts that both groups probably misinterpreted what was going on and the motives on the other side.

    I know the group in question and have attended a prayer conference with some of their group in San Diego. This is not a radical Christian group looking for trouble in anyway–they are a bunch of young people who do care about and have compassion for others.

    By the way–there are nearly 306 million people officially in the USA + another 12-20 million illegal folks. 76.5-78.5% of the population in the US identify themselves as Christians–a minimum of 234 million.

    Mr.C, you are free to live your life anyway you want in this country, I hope it stays that way for all of us.

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  9. chrisPeper

    Minority religions like the “Church of the Sacred Mushroom” are attacked by the government for violation of drug laws but no one speaks up for them. I don’t want to see anyone attacked and I certainly think that the Christians have a right to be there but mainstream Christians do not speak up for the rights of minority religions.

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