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-Iran: Convert You Die

by Dr. D ~ October 1st, 2008

imageimage There is a new law that was preliminarily passed by the Iran’s parliament, which would mandate the death penalty for anybody convicted of apostasy. Currently, apostasy is punishable by death in Iran, but the final decision rests with a judge. Very few have been executed under the current law.

If this new law is implemented, then any Muslim who converts to another religion will be automatically subject to the death penalty.

The Mullah’s in Iran are very much in favor of the new law. They are hoping that it will slow down a current revival among Christians which has seen nearly 200,000 Iranian Muslims convert to Christianity in the last few years.

The European Union released a declaration last Friday that asks the Iranian parliament to reconsider the bill and allow freedom of religion:

“The European Union urges the Islamic Republic of Iran to reconsider its decision to examine the law in question, release all those who have been imprisoned because of their religious affiliation and allow all its citizens to exercise their freedom of religion or belief in full.”

Response: It is good to see the Euro’s on the right side for a change. The Iranian authorities will not be able to stop conversions to Christianity no matter what they do–ask the Roman’s and more recently the Chinese. There is a higher power involved–a power that has conquered even death.            *Top

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