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-Barack Obama: The Hope of a Nation in Need of Revival?

by Dr. D ~ February 24th, 2008


This post is really not about politics, it is about the soul of a nation. Popular politicians are like chameleons who take our temperature and reflect back to us what we want to hear and promise to give us what we think we need. I have been an active observer of the animal for more than 45 years, but this presidential election has surprised me on a number of different fronts.

It really is remarkable how nearly the entire country is sensing that the USA is in need of some kind of spiritual revival or change. Even the ‘secularists’ among us sense that America is due for a major overhaul. However, they look for politics and government to supply the remedy. Barack Obama has surged to the top as the ‘candidate of hope’–the one who seems to actually personify what many are looking for.

More than any evangelist or preacher I know of, Obama is touching thousands in this nation in a rather unique way. <Read the complete post on Charismatica blog>


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