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EU: Resolution Against Persecution of Christians

by Dr. D ~ November 18th, 2007

The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning persecution against Christians. The resolution urged:

“the governments of the countries concerned to improve the security situation of the Christian communities”. and also “stresses therefore that the public authorities have a duty to protect all religious communities, including Christian communities, from discrimination and repression”.

The resolution pointed out that the Peoples Republic of China and Vietnam were particularly noted for their persecution of the Christian community. Iraq, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, Gaza and the Philippines were also cited. The resolution calls for EU institutions to make persecution an issue in all dealings with the countries concerned.

Comments: This is a surprising turn of events. the EU should be commended for their action. Persecution has been a growing problem in the world particularly with the rise of Islamic and Hindu radicals. Also, Christianity continues to be under assault in the few communist countries that are left, particularly North Korea, and Cuba, in addition to China and Vietnam. Saudi Arabia is seldom mentioned even though it is among the worst offenders of religious freedom.

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