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Bibles Will be Allowed at Beijing Olympics

by Dr. D ~ November 8th, 2007

According to Chinese authorities, earlier reports that Bibles would be banned from the summer Olympics in Beijing were false. Li Zhanjun, director of the Beijing Olympics media center, responded with the following:

“There is no such thing. This kind of report is an intentional distortion of truth.”

A recent religious news and European media report, that Bibles would be banned at the Olympics, touched off a protest from a Christian athletes group and one U.S. senator demanded an explanation of the policy from the Chinese ambassador.

Li Zhanjun flatly denied the report and pointed out that religious services were being planned for Olympic visitors. He also pointed out that visitors of all religions were free to bring in religious items for their own personal use.

Comments: The Chinese authorities are bending over backwards in order to have a successful summer Olympics. They are planning to sponsor religious services for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists in the Olympic Village. They are even building a Church there. However, their continual limitations and controls over religion in their country made the report plausible. In fact, Bibles for their own people are restricted and legally available only through authorized dealers.            *Top

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