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Amateur Diplomat Nancy Pelosi Wants to Trade Turkey for a Few Votes?

by Dr. D ~ October 18th, 2007

Last time we saw Speaker Nancy Pelosi playing diplomat she was wearing a hijab and bowing at the feet of Assad of Syria. Now we find her trying to shut down the war in Iraq through a back door effort with little concern for the potential long term consequences.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic congressional leaders are supporting a resolution that confirms the Ottoman Turkish persecution and murder of over 1 million Armenians during WWI as genocide. History has already spoken and confirmed this fact. It is one of the greatest examples of ethnic cleansing ever perpetrated on any group in history and it certainly was genocide.  Yet little will be accomplished by this act other than to hijack foreign policy from the President and embarrass a close Nato ally.

From a domestic political standpoint, it seems to be a brilliant move. Who wants to go on record as supporting the Ottoman slaughter of the Armenians. It puts Republicans in a difficult position particularly since Armenian-Americans, who support the resolution, have supported the Republican party in the past. Also, Democrats can claim to their anti-war constituents that they are doing something to hinder and draw down the war effort in Iraq. From a Democratic Party standpoint, it is a no lose proposition. However, for the country it’s a different matter with possible long term consequences.

Turkish officials have already stated that it will be forced to rethink it’s relationship with America if the resolution is passed by the Congress. Presently over 70% of the supplies and reinforcements for our troops in Iraq are flown over Turkish territory by their permission. When France passed a similar resolution, the government of Turkey ceased all military operations and cooperation with the French. The Democratic leadership in Congress saw this resolution as a cleaver way to cripple the war effort. Shame on them for hiding behind a resolution that is difficult for anyone to oppose. Fortunately, some Republicans who initially supported it and even a few senior Democrats are now reconsidering and beginning to see the incredible downside if it is passed.

Since The resolution was passed by the Congressional committee, Turkey has flown its ambassador home and has passed a resolution of its own in the Turkish parliament, that would allow the Turkish army invade to the Kurdish Territory in northern Iraq. The Turks have been threatening to do that for a long time in order to stop the terrorist attacks of radical Kurds who are based in Iraq. Up to this point, the Bush Administration has been successful in persuading the Turks not to invade Iraq and complicate an already difficult situation in Iraq. The northern Kurdish area has been one of the few peaceful areas in the country. Now it will apparently end thanks to the Congressional Committee action.

The Bush administration, Gen. David H. Petraeus, and all eight living former secretaries of state and three former defense secretaries tried to persuade and warn Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership that the resolution would endanger national security in the Middle East. It could also end up escalating the war and possibly put our troops in even greater danger. Worst of all, America could lose one of its few long time allies in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Nancy the Amateur diplomat still plans to submit the resolution to the full Congress for a vote, in spite of it all?                *Top

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