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Taliban: Selling Opium Ok if Funds are Used For Jihad?

by Dr. D ~ October 14th, 2007

Found this story on Jihad Watch, here is the original link from the Telegraph in the UK.  Most of the story deals with the Taliban using funds that they gained from releasing the South Korean hostages. Apparently, the money is being used to buy weapons to carry on their war against American, British, and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

What really caught my eye was the admitted hypocrisy of the Taliban selling Opium, which is contrary to Islam, to also fund their campaign. However, they claim to have received a dispensation for the offense in the name of Jihad:

“Our scholars have given a religious decree saying that things which are usually abominable in Islam are permitted to wage jihad against the enemies of Islam.”

Comments: There you have it. Sometimes the rules in Islam can be violated if you can find enough Mullahs to support your actions.            *Top 

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