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AP Shows An Anti-Christian Bias?

by Dr. D ~ October 11th, 2007

In a story by Associated Press, a 63 year old man from Alexandria, La., who shot 5 people, killing 2 was identified as a: “A 63-year-old Baptist deacon”. Normally ones occupation or residence would be used as the key identifying factor, but AP strangely chose to ID the man as a ‘Baptist deacon’. Michael Medved responded in an article pointing out that the news service was exhibiting an Anti-Christian bias in the process:

“Why, then, did the AP decide that the most important factor in identifying him was his status as a “Baptist deacon”? This is not a professional position – it is a volunteer activity. Wouldn’t it seem odd if they began their story about the tragic shooting by describing Mr. Ashley as “a 63-year-old golfer” or “a 63-year-old Democratic volunteer” or a “63-year-old synagogue board member”?”

“If Associated Press began their account of a chilling crime by identifying the perpetrator as “63-year-old Asian American” or a “63-year-old African American” there would be howls of protest – recognizing that the press service demonstrated bigotry…”

“Doesn’t the choice to spotlight a killer’s participation in a Baptist church demonstrate the same sort of bigotry?”

Comments: I believe that Mr. Medved is correct in his analysis of the AP story. It shows a continuing mainstream media bias toward people of faith, particularly Christians and Christianity.

Lately the media has bent over backwards to accommodate Islam. The mention of Islam as the religion of choice among terrorists is usually omitted. But in this story, the fact that the killer was a Christian “Baptist deacon” was primary? Even when Muslims claim that they did terrorist acts in the name of Islam, many times it is discounted if it is reported at all. There is obviously a double standard going on.                 *Top

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2 Responses to AP Shows An Anti-Christian Bias?

  1. Steve

    I wouldn’t say it’s a bias, it’s simply about what is seen as news.

    My loca builder gets caught out as a multiple adulterer, it doesn’t come across as news, my local vicar gets caught in the same situation it’s news becasue of his presumed hypocracy.

    I would suggest that same thing applies here. It’s not good, but I can’t imagine it’s about Christians. It does say something about peoeple’s perception of Christians as those with much to say about other people’s lives, and a disparity between their own lives.


  2. Dr. D

    Good points Steve, thanks for your reasoned comments.

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