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Iranian Students Protest Against Pres. Ahmadinejad

by Dr. D ~ October 9th, 2007

Thanks to Jihad Watch for this story. Hundreds of Iranian students chanted: “death to the dictator” in an aggressive protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The demonstration was at Teheran University, as Iran’s president gave the opening speech for new the academic year. A couple of weeks ago, Ahmadinejad had received applause from the students of Columbia University in New York, now he was facing protests and opposition in his own country. He is the darling of the Western press but obviously not as popular in Iran.

In fact, the entire Islamic regime in Iran is said to be unpopular with the majority of Iranians, but the radical Mullahs rule with an iron fist and control every facet of life in the country including the press. Under the surface, there is said to be great opposition to the revolutionary Islamic government. Incidents like this reveal the true feelings of many in the country.             *Top

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