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Saudi Arabia: Muslims are not Free in Europe?

by Dr. D ~ October 7th, 2007

Saudi Arabia is complaining that Muslims are not really free to practice their faith in Europe.

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) plans to dialog with its counterparts in the European Union. They want the European governments to refrain from linking terrorism to Islam and to issue special regulations to protect Muslims from prejudice and discrimination.

The Saudis are seeking to influence the European governments to fight the growing negative perception of Muslims and Islam that has actually come as a result of recent world wide Islamic terrorism.

Comments: I have an idea! Why doesn’t the Saudi Government put their vast resources and efforts into combating Islamic terrorism? If Islamic terror disappeared so also would so-called ‘Islamophobia’. Also, maybe they could support a more moderate form of Islam rather than the radical Wahabi sect that they currently export?

I have another idea for Saudi Arabia. When Christians are free to practice their faith in Saudi Arabia, then maybe they will have some standing to complain about the treatment of Muslims who are actually free in Europe.

As it now stands, it is illegal to have a Christian worship service in S. Arabia and you can be arrested for having a Bible study in your own home. Also those who convert to Christianity are subject to a death sentence. I wonder what Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission has to say about that?             *Top

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