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Ahmadinejad Calls for the End of Israel at Rally

by Dr. D ~ October 5th, 2007

Since 1979, the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan has been observed as “Al-Quds Day” in Iran (Al-Quds: Arabic name of Jerusalem). An official event supporting the return of Jerusalem to Muslim control. Millions of Iranians attended nationwide rallies today shouting slogans calling for the destruction of Israel and for the downfall of America.

In the spirit of this great ‘celebration’, President Ahmadinejad once more called for the end of Israel:

“The creation, continued existence and unlimited (Western) support for this regime is an insult to human dignity.”

Ayatollah Mahould Hashemi Shahroudi, Iran’s judiciary chief, joined Ahmadinejad at the rally and proclaimed that this was (the rallies):

“a good start for the destruction of the Zionist regime.”

Comments: Time and time again the Iranian President and other officials call for the destruction of Israel and the USA. When will those of us in America and the West finally believe that they actually mean what they say?

They keep on saying that we are their enemies and will continue to be till the end. Yet we keep on pretending that it could all be resolved through some kind of diplomatic coup. However, they have made it abundantly clear that we will continue to be their enemies, according to their own statements, until we are destroyed or join Islam.             *Top

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