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Chinese Arrest Church Leader for Receiving Bibles

by Dr. D ~ October 2nd, 2007

Zhou Heng A house church leader in China was detained and arrested for receiving three tons of Bibles. Zhou manages Yayi Christian Book Room, a registered bookstore that sells Christian books published legally in China.

The prominent church leader was detained on August 3 when he was caught picking up three tons of Bibles at a bus station. According to reports, the Bibles were donated by South Korean churches and were intended to be given free of charge to local believers.

The Chinese government regulates the printing and distribution of Bibles. China sanctions and allows only a small limited number of ‘official’ Bibles to be produced every year. Far less than is really needed by China’s growing Christian community. If convicted of the charges, Zhou could face a 15-year prison sentence.

It is time for Western Christians to put pressure upon the Beijing government to follow through with their stated commitment to religious freedom in China. Persecution of Christian leaders continues all across China. Many times the leaders are subjected to devious charges that are trumped up for the occasion. For example, Zhou Heng in this story was charged with “illegal business operation”.

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