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Episcopal Church (USA) Agrees to Meet Anglican Demands

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2007

The leaders of the Episcopal Church in the USA agreed to meet the demands of the Anglican Convention. They decided to discontinue appointing practicing homosexuals to the office of Bishop and to halt the blessing services for same sex couples. They also agreed to allow conservative dioceses to leave the American church organization and affiliate with more conservative bishops and organizations, ending the huge legal strife ahead for those attempting to opt out of the American church.

The decision comes in a timely matter well ahead of the September 30th deadline set by the Anglican Convention held in Africa this last summer. The American Episcopal leaders should be commended and thanked by the entire Christian community for ending the potential schism and legal strife which was on the horizon if these issues were not resolved. Meanwhile, some of the more liberal members and clergy of the church are unhappy with this decision.             *Top

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