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A Muslim Offended by Muslim Reactions to Rushdie

by Dr. D ~ June 24th, 2007

Here is a fine article from a Muslim in the UK, Irshad Manji, posted on The Times Online.

He says that it is not the ‘royal’ treatment of Salman Rushdie that really bothers him, but the reaction of his fellow Muslims:

“As a Muslim, you better believe I am offended – by these absurd reactions.

I am offended that it is not the first time honours from the West have met with vitriol and violence. In 1979, Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam became the first Muslim to win the Nobel Prize in science. He began his acceptance speech with a verse from the Quran.

Salam’s country ought to have celebrated him. Instead, rioters tried to prevent him from re-entering the country. …”

We can only wish that there were more Muslims like Irshad Manji. There probably are many but few have the courage to speak out against all the insanity. Where are all the Islamic leaders and Mullahs that are so ready criticize the treatment of Muslims in the West, but are silent when terrorism and foolish behavior raises its ugly head in their own community.             *Top

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