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Poll: 25% of Americans Believe Jesus Could Return in 2007

by Dr. D ~ January 13th, 2007

According to a recent poll taken by Associated Press and AOL News, 25% of all Americans believe that is at least somewhat likely that Jesus Christ will return in 2007.  Another 25% believe that it is not too likely to happen, which seems to indicate that at least 50% of America believes that it is at least possible.   

Poll Details:  11% -Very likely, 14% -Somewhat likely, 25% -Not too likely, 42% -Not at all likely, 8% -do not know.

Another interesting fact=  46% Evangelical Christians believe that it is at least somewhat likely to happen in 2007. 

Comment:  I look forward to the coming of Jesus and believe that Christians should always be watching and be prepared for that possiblility.  Some Bible teachers claim that Jesus could return at any moment.  Others teach that the Gospel must first be preached in every nation (See: Mark 13:10, Matt. 24:14) before Christ returns.  I believe that we should be always looking, hoping, and preaching.


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