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Mark 14: 1-2 The Plot To Kill Jesus

by Dr. D ~ October 3rd, 2006

Vs. 1-2  The chief priests and scribes have had enough of Jesus after several days with him teaching and disrupting business in the Temple.  They now plot how and when to kill him.  According to Mark, it was two days before Passover.  This was the busiest time of the year in Jerusalem and in the Temple.  Over 100,000 visitors came to Jerusalem during this season.  A good share of the income for the Chief priests, from their Temple businesses, was made during the Passover.  Now this Jesus was spoiling everything and challenging their authority in the process. 

Notice that the priests and scribes are not in the least concerned about how God may react to their plan to kill Jesus.  They are only concerned about how the crowds visiting in Jerusalem might react.  This brings up a question.  Did they really believe in God?  If so, how could they have come to believe that Jesus was not from God?  What about all the healings and miracles?  Did they really believe that Jesus derived his power from Satan?  What about those he raised from the dead?  How was that possible without God’s help?  Again, did they really believe in God?  Nevertheless, they are more concerned about the crowds, and they seek a way to arrest Jesus secretly.  Later, they find a willing accomplice in Judas Iscariot.


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